George and Sam Gerbil

I have two pet gerbils.  They are so  cute.   Their names are George and Sam.  George is mine, and Sam is Mum’s gerbil.

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Lego are brick shapes and different sizes, and you can have little people in them.   And you can build cars, vans, cities, towns and places.

Here is Indiana Jones and Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Here is Indy trying to get past the dreaded swinging swords.

Here is the Police Station.

And here are some policemen catching a robber who broke out of jail.

Here are some other Lego people in a house I made.

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Gogos are small toys that you can collect  in shops.  There are series of Gogos — Series 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Gogos come in different sizes and shapes.  Here are some big, medium and small Gogos.

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What I’m going to write about

Welcome to Toy World where you can look at Gogo and mechanical toys.   You can look at old-timey toys and new toys, and you can go to rosewillow to see sewing machines.

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